How Does It Work?


Management is the most important factor in real estate. That’s the reason most homeowners want to know two primary things; How does this all work? and How much is this going to cost me?

How does this all work?

In Touch Properties is the turn-key solution to managing your home as rental. We don’t require our home owners to put down money, to buy a program, or to sift through the business of determining what should be or shouldn’t be done before renting out your home, we handle all this for you. We start by introducing ourselves in person. We like to get some information on your home’s location before meeting so that we can assess the rental market in  your area and bring our best information for presenting your home to the market as a viable rental property. We take time with you in person to provide answers to what is likely to be 1,000 questions you may have about this process. And finally we work with you in getting the home rent-ready from securing vendors to make the minor repairs you may already be aware of to handling the entire process for you. We pride ourselves on being able to have you bring us your keys, and garage remotes, and turning your home into a rental without you having to lift a finger. Renting out your home will never be easier than we make it, and all this at no upfront cost to you.

How much is this going to cost me?

Our services come with no upfront or out of pocket costs. Even if we meet in person, discuss your home’s viability to go on the market as a rental with our company, plans change and you never end up renting,  there are no charges. So how does it work then? We charge a 10% of rent collected monthly management fee which provides the full realm of management services. This provides you and all of your future renters access to our online based platform for tenancy and property management, discounted rates with licensed and insured vendors to service areas of your home as they have need, compliance with Landlord/Tenancy Laws (Federal, State, and Local), coordination, accounting (Tax related documents, and monthly statement accounting), oversight of regular services your property requires (such as roof cleaning, septic tank maintenance, tree pruning, HVAC maintenance, appliance maintenance, pressure washing etc), coordination with your insurance company for issues that may arise for their involvement, oversight and coordination of the move-out and repair/touch up process and much more. We only ask one thing from our homeowners under a management contract with In Touch Properties; keep a bank account open for us to send you money each month as your renters pay! As a company, we do not make any money when you do not, therefore our interest is always the same as your interest when it comes to renting out your home in the best possible condition for the best price. 

We also provide a unique combination of investment strategies and capabilities to home-owners who are looking to make this a long term investment platform. We constantly monitor rental rates in your area to ensure that homeowners are staying competitive with regard to their rental rates, combined with our beyond-the-bare-minimum maintenance of your home and high-quality of vendor expectation. We work hand-in-hand with a team of licensed realtors who are not only looking at property values but also looking for other good quality rental properties for homeowners who are interested in expanding into more rentals.

(Talk to us about possible Investor Discounts for those with 5 or More Homes*)

So, you don’t charge anything up front, only a monthly cost when the home is rented, is there ANYTHING else that costs me money?

Reserve Funds $350: This is deducted from your first month’s proceeds and held in our non-interest bearing trust account. These funds are your money, and will always be your money. These are “emergency funds” that can be readily available should we need to make immediate small ticket repairs. Coincidentally our non-emergency repairs are limited to $300 per home, should something come up. If non-emergency repairs come up exceeding that amount, we will discuss the nature of the need first before proceeding. We never take spending your money lightly and always look out for the best interest in your home.

One time Re -Key fee: Usually between $75-150 depending on the number of locks and doors on your home. Once a tenant is obtained we will re-key the home. This is a one time only cost ensuring the safety and liability of all parties involved with the home. This too is deducted from the

Internet Advertising: Not only is your home advertised on our property management website, but other major rental websites.

  • Facebook
  • Trulia
  • Zillow

Syndicated to other websites that feed from the list above.

We provide an up-to-date list of current rental properties to prospective tenants that visit our website or contact us for information. We involve our Sales Team at Southern Classic Realtors by keeping them informed of our current inventory.

  • Conduct nationwide credit and criminal background checks on each prospect
  • Screen for previous evictions
  • Verify rental history by interviewing previous landlords
  • Verify income by requesting the prospect to provide proof of current income and analyze against our proprietary income/rent range ratio calculation.
  • Available to you 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year
  • Access to every transaction on your property.
  • Access to photographic inspection histories of your home.
  • Access to your management documents, invoices, statements, tax reporting etc.

There will be items in your home needing repairs because of normal wear and tear. Not only do we have years of experience in differentiating Tenant responsible issues from Homeowner Responsible issues (not to mention the knowledge of what the law requires Homeowners to provide verses Tenants responsibilities), but we have also negotiated very good $$$ rates on all types of services that are commonly provided for your home.

We maintain a list of local licensed and insured vendors to ensure that issues, if any, are taken care of in a swift and professional manner. 

What about BIG or unexpected maintenance expenses?

We find these happen less frequently than you might think, but we’ve found a way to help our home owners here in a way no one other company will.

Rather than have to come out of pocket all at once for large expenses we will not only help manage the repair/replacement process to ensure you are protected but we also offer very affordable split payment plans that allow you to pay for these repairs over time and with rent proceeds instead of having to come out of pocket. Ask us for more details.

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