FAQs Current Tenants

The information provided below will help answer commonly asked questions our tenants have.

1- How do I put in a maintenance request (during or after hours)?

Answer: This is easy! Call our 24/7/365 maintenance line 229-223-5514, or by logging into your online portal (If you’ve forgotten your password, use the “Forgot Password” Feature to reset your password) and choose the option to submit a Work Order or Maintenance Request. We answer all work order requests within 24/48 hours of submission. If you are experiencing an emergency you should call the appropriate authorities first before calling us (Floods, shut off your homes water from the main disconnect line or call your water provider to do so for you. Fire, call 911 first, then put in a work order and call our offices to ensure your request was submitted properly and no delays in service).

We pride ourselves in quick work order resolution and quality of service. If your maintenance request is not handled timely or poorly done, we want to hear about it! We will be sending you a survey after each service request to check up on things. Please fill these out honestly, we are genuinely interested to know how our vendors are doing!

2- Move-Out Packet: How do I non-renew my lease? And How do I let you guys know I am moving out?

Answer: You must turn in your Intent to Vacate no less than 30 days prior to your lease end date. E-Mail us to request our most current move-out packet!

3- I need a copy of your intent to vacate form, how can I get that?

Answer: Download it here! INTENT TO VACATE

4- I really want to pass my cleaning inspection on move-out, do you have a cleaning list or anything like that?

Answer: Sure do! Download that cleaning list here!

5- How do I renew my lease?

Answer: Several easy ways this can be done.

  1. Email us your request to renew your lease any time within the last 60 days of your lease – E-Mail Here!! , indicating your home’s address, your name, and a statement that you would like to renew your lease.
  2. Respond to our emails and text messages reaching out about your renewal terms (Our text line is 415-675-1758)
  3. Call our offices and indicate you would like to renew 229-333-0768
  4. Come by our office and let us know you would like to renew your lease.

6- What happens if I am late with rent?

Answer: Review your specific lease for late payments by logging into your online portal and reviewing your attached lease on the first page or in the documents section. If you’ve forgotten your password, use the “Forgot Password” Feature to reset your password. Your user name will ALWAYS be the email address you used to sign the lease and/or provided at the you applied. 

If you are unsure what email address is associated with your account, text us here and we can tell you: 415-675-1758

7- Can I Add a “Roommate(s)”?

Answer: Yes, (if the particular homeowner of your home has approved roommates). First, there is a $50 charge assessed to all lease changes. ALL parties on the lease are responsible for the payment regardless of tenancy. (i.e.., if you have 3 roommates, 2 decide to leave/break lease or can’t pay their portion of rent you are all responsible for the payment of rent in FULL.  If there is a dispute, it must be worked out between tenants. If one tenant does not pay, all parties, including guarantors, can be subject to dispossessory & collection actions and additional fees.

Prospective roommates can apply for ANY home on the website and indicate on the application (or call our offices) and indicate which home they are wishing to join as a roommate. They will need to go through the same approval process you did (What is the approval process?). Make sure they upload an ID and proof of income to their application.  Have them navigate to our home page and apply for any property there. Your property will not be there because it is not actively being advertised for rent, but we can assure you once we know they are intending to become roommates/desire to be added to the lease we will move them over to the appropriate home int he system.

8- How do I go about removing someone from the lease?

Answer: First, there is a $50 charge assessed to all lease changes. Secondly, this is possible in some cases but not all. And there are a few things that need to be considered.

You will need to have the person who is moving out (or who has already moved out) fill out a copy of our intent to vacate form, and email it to us. Make sure they indicate that they are the only one moving out. Once we receive this we will generate a lease amendment that ALL parties to the lease must agree to and sign. This will relieve the moving party of the lease from ALL liability past, present, and future from the lease and corresponding damages to the home. Once the lease amendment is signed online, we will make that change to the lease effective the date mentioned on the amendment.

The person moving out does not get any portion of the deposit back from us if the home is to remain occupied. That will need to be worked out between the parties to the lease.

In cases where the person who wants to move out is the reason the group was qualified for the home we will not permit that person to be removed from the lease during the agreed upon terms of the lease, and will require all parties to the lease stay on the lease until the lease is fulfilled (Here’s what you should know before you break your lease)

9- Do I need “Renters Insurance”?

Answer: YES, The homeowners’ insurance will only cover the structure/property itself, not your personal belongings or any personal liability you may otherwise cause.  In Touch Properties REQUIRES you have proof of renters insurance in place for the duration of your lease. Failure to maintain renter insurance may result in fines or eviction. 

We should be listed on  your policy as the Landlord or Interested 3rd Party as follows:

In Touch Properties

3315 B N Valdosta Rd

Valdosta, GA 31602

10- How can I add a pet to my lease?

Answer:  First, there is a $50 charge assessed to all lease changes – this would include adding a pet to your lease but would not include the pet fee required.

Each home has certain preferences the homeowner has selected and is subject to our agency limit. If you already have 2 pets, then the answer is No.  Our agency limit is a two pet policy. And only one of those can be a cat. Our agency policy also excludes certain breeds of dogs. Dog breed restrictions are Doberman, Chow, Pitbull (all types – American Bull Dog, American Pit, American Staffordshire Terrier etc) and Rottweilers. You will be responsible for paying a pet fee. It’s always less expensive to report the pet than for one to be found. Found pet fee’s can be as high as $750* per pet, per day the violation is found (review your specific lease for specific details)

If none of the above restrictions apply to you, E-Mail us here requesting the pet addition!

(Pet policy does not apply to Service, Therapy, or ESA Animal. Documentation Requirements may apply to Service, Therapy, or ESA Animal)

11- How do I turn in my intent to vacate? And when do I need to turn it in?

Answer: Here’s the Form! And you can turn in your form the following ways:

  • In Person Monday – Friday 9AM – 4PM at out offices located @ In Touch Properties 3315 B N Valdosta Rd, Valdosta, GA 31602
  • You can email your form to us (InTouchPropertiesRent@Gmail.com)
  • You can fax it to us @ 229-333-1945

You must turn in your Intent to Vacate no less than 30 days prior to your lease end date, and to be considered valid/received you must receive back a signed copy from our office.

12- Do you do inspections of the home?

Answer: Yes! We inspect each home at least annually. The lease permits our access of the homes with a 24 hours notice. You are not required to be there at the time we do your inspection, but you are welcomed to be there when our employee shows up.

When we do an inspection we are looking at any repair needs, general state of the home, and for areas or items of the home in violation of the lease. 

13- How do I go about breaking my lease? Will I get my deposit back?

Answer: This isn’t the easiest process, but we are here to help!

First, this section does not apply to State or Federal laws that permit a person to break their lease with proper documentation. Other than the aforementioned legal exemptions there are no provisions in our leases permitting you to break your lease early for any reasons. That means:

(1). You are responsible for paying the rent through the end of your lease, unless the home is re-rented after you move-out and before the end of your current lease. We do our best to get it re-rented after you’ve moved out and once you’ve followed the move-out procedures.

We always plan two weeks of down time for the home to make normal wear and tear repairs or repairs that are as a result of damages. You will be responsible for rent until the start date of the new lease.

(2). You are required to leave the utilities on through the end of your lease, unless the home is re-rented before the end of your current lease.

(3) You are required to provide lawn care through the end of your lease, unless the home is re-rented before the end of your current lease. 

If you would like to know more about your rental property specifically, please E-Mail the property manager here to find out.

IMPORTANT: You will need to turn in your intent to vacate form and email it back to us. Download that HERE. This will start the process. We will do everything we can to help you get out of your lease (re-rent it), but will require you to pay rent until that is done, along with keeping on utilities and providing lawn care.

Will I get my deposit back?

Answer: You can, but keep reading!

The deposit is not automatically forfeit for breaking the lease – we still to try work with our tenants and their various situations.  The security deposit protects the landlord if you move out of the property failing to pay rent, having damaged the unit, or left it needing cleaned. If you give proper notice and vacate without owing rent (in this case because it has been re-rented permitting you out of the remainder of the lease) the security deposit will be returned to you in accordance with state law. However, if you leave the home not having followed the move-out instructions, not providing timely notice, and or leaving unpaid rent through the end of your lease responsibility the deposit may be used to fulfill that responsibility.

For more specific questions about your leaving the lease early, reach out to your property manager 229-333-0768.

14- Can I renew my lease on a month-to-month basis?

Answer: Sometimes, yes.

You will need to reach out to your property manager with your specific home and request the renewal term you are interested in (You can reach your property manager by phone, 229-333-0768 or by E-Mail. Often if a home is renewed on a month-to-month basis the rental rate would be increased by some amount to compensate for the shorter term lease, and in some instances we cannot renew your lease on any terms other than a year.

15- Do you have a Military Clause in your lease agreements?

Answer: Yes.

16- Can I make modifications to my lease during non-renewal periods (Adding pets, roommates, modification of otherwise terms etc)?

Answer: Yes!  All requests must be made in writing, AND all changes are charged a $50 change order request due prior to the completion of your change. 

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